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    NeuralWorks Technologies is a company focused on developing augmented technologies with artificial intelligence. The company uses electroencephalography and other human-machine, non-invasive interfaces to achieve our main initiative. Our primary goal is to develop a symbiotic human-machine environment, where we seamlessly integrate communication with intelligent devices solely by the power of thought.


    Daniel G

    Daniel is a finance professional with over 24 years experience of M&A, Real Estate, Private Equity of multi-billion portfolios spread across jurisdictions and different industries (oil, IT, banking, real estate).He is also a professional in data science -Big Data, AI, Machine Learning.

    David Cian

    David holds a BSc. in Computer Science from EPFL and is currently pursuing an MSc. in Data Science at EPFL, with a minor in Neuroprosthetics. He also holds a physics degree from Paris-Saclay University. He has a wealth of experience developing neural technology, from the neural interface itself to data analysis and decoding systems.

    Razvan Stoian

    Razvan studied film and since 2015 is the founder of Taxi & Takeoff, an advertising agency focused on start-up businesses. He had worked in web-development, web-design, film making and advertising for more than 10 years. Keen on artificial intelligence and neural technologies, he initiated this project alongside David to develop technologies that will help and support people in their daily activities.

    Shreyasvi Natraj